Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will WOW Jesus make my pool Holy?
No, but He (and chlorine) will keep it sparkling!

2. Can He turn my pool water into wine?
Not currently, but feel free to grab a bottle of red and ponder, "what if".

3. How big is WOW Jesus?
The base of the chlorinator is 11 inches in diameter. The Lord is bigger than all creation, but for your pool’s purposes, He stands 8.5 inches tall from the base.

4. How many chlorine tabs will the WOW Jesus pool chlorinator hold?
A maximum of 4-5 standard-sized 3-inch chlorine tabs.

5. My WOW Jesus is leaning or not floating upright, what can I do?
Click here to watch our video (or print the PDF) on how to properly baptize your WOW Jesus, which will make sure he begins walking across your pool correctly.

6. If I don’t like my WOW Jesus, can I return him?
Yes, of course. The Lord will forgive you. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Email for details.

7. Has WOW Jesus visited the Holy Land?
Yes, before embarking on His journey in your pool, Jesus went to Israel to get His feet wet. Click our gallery to see where it all began.